Insectronic Main Controller Circuit Board-----------------------------------------------$15.00 each
Insectronic Infrared Sensor Circuit Board-----------------------------------------------$13.00 each


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Plans, Board and Brains
The Hexatron Robot Design And Construction Manual

The complete plans to build a two motor, six legged walking robot with a pic 16F819 microcontroller brain and infrared obstacle avoidance capabilities. Have fun building this robot as described in the plans or customize it to your own specifications.
Topics include:
- mechanical construction
- printed cicuit board fabrication
- electronics
- Analog to digital converters / feedback
- motor control
- infrared sensors
- programming
- walking gaits
- experiments
36 pages of high quality printed instructions and detailed diagrams insure that your robot will be a success!

Hexatron Plans (Printed) with full size metal cutting and drilling templates-----------------$12.00 each
Hexatron Circuit Board------------------------------------------------------------------$15.00 each
Hexatron Programmed Pic16F819 Microcontroller--------------------------------------$13.00 each

Main controller And Infrared Sensor Boards

Make the construction of your Insectronic Robot platform easy with these prefabricated printed circuit boards. No messy chemicals or drilling to worry about - just add the parts and solder.
Desk Top High Voltage Fun!

This Jacobs ladder project allows you to create the excitement of high voltage arcs safely on your desktop. The circuit is powered by a 12-volt DC battery pack and outputs over 30,000 volts. The circuit design allows the repetition rate of the high voltage pulses to be varied by a potentiometer on the front panel. Each time a high voltage pulse is triggered, the light emitting diode on the front panel is also activated. This educational project demonstrates the principles of high voltage and is also a great attention-getter. Join in the high voltage fun!

Jacobs Ladder Printed Circuit Board-----------------------------------------------------$12.00 each
Fully Assembled Jacobs Ladder Project--------------------------------------------------$90.00 each

Jacobs Ladder Printed Circuit Board
Dowload the free zipped arcticle here:

Eight Channel Servo Controller Circuit Board

The serial servo controller (SSC) accepts serial information via a DB9 connector and sets each of the servos according to the information recieved by the onboard microcontroller. The microcontroller stores each value in memory and constantly updates each servo so that the desired positions are held. This project is featured in the book, "Build Your Own Humanoid Robots" where it is used to control a robot arm from a personal computer. The SSC is also used to control servos by interfacing it to any other microcontroller or device that can output serial infromation. Another example of an application featured in the Humaoind robotics book is a voice recognition circuit that is easily interfaced to the CCS.

Download the free Serial Servo Controller software here: SSC Download
Diagram showing the Serial Servo Controller being used to control a robot arm - featured in the "Build Your Own Humanoid Robots" book.

Serial Servo Controller Printed Circuit Board-------------------------------------$15.00 each
SSC programmed 16F84 PIC Microcontroller-----------------------------------$13.00 each
Serial Servo Controller Software-------------------------------------------------Free

High Quality Solid Aluminum Construction

This standard servo gripper applies even pressure to each side of the object being lifted. The unique mechanical design keeps each gripper finger parallel and eliminates any "scissor angling" that often causes objects to be forced out of the gripper as pressure is applied. The sturdy aluminum construction and solid design will give your robot reliable grasping power to move objects. A great addition to mobile robots or robot arm projects. The fingers open 4 inches wide.

Parallel Servo Gripper Including Standard Servo-------------------------------------------------------------$40.00 Each
Printed Parallel Servo Gripper Plans Including Full Size Aluminum Cutting Templates-------------------------$7.00 Each