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Chapter 5

Serial Servo controller circuit board artwork: Figure 5.58
program 5.1 ssc.bas

program 5.2 ssc.hex

Chapter 6

Serial Servo Controller Visual Basic 6 project files: SSC VB6
Serial Servo Controller full application:

Note: unzip the file into a directory and then run setup.exe. The serial servo controller software will be installed on your PC. Go to Start/programs/serial servo controller to run the ssc executable.

Chapter 7

Speech recognition circuit board: Figure 7.4
program 7.1 voice-dir.bas

program 7.2 voice-dir.hex

program 7.3 arm-voice.bas

program 7.4 arm-voice.hex

Chapter 8

program 8.1 h-head.bas
program 8.2 h-head.hex

Chapter 9

Humanoid robot controller circuit board artwork: Figure 9.25
program 9.1 test-biped.bas

program 9.2 test-biped.hex

program 9.3 biped-explore.bas

program 9.4 biped-explore.hex


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